Looking for someone ?

With SOR network, you can find contacts like an accounting, a plumber, a worker, or a specific profile from your friends, family, co-workers and their contacts.

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Get social recommendations

Find everything you need very fast with our powerful recommendation system.

Create a request

Ask something to your contacts, it can be a recommendation, a task, a person.

Receive and validate responses

Receive responses from your contacts and their social network, and accept or decline their response

Reward everyone who helped you

When you request is closed, everyone who helped you will be rewarded in SOR Tokens

Earn by recommending

When your contacts are looking for something, help them find it by sharing their request or by responding to them.

Get SOR tokens
Share your contacts
Based on blockchain


What is Sorchain ?

Sorchain is a blockchain company providing end-to-end solutions to facilitate human exchanges through the blockchain.

What we do ?

We are building blockchain based solutions to help people sharing information and getting rewarded for it.

How can I know more about SOR Network ?

You can check SOR Network Whitepaper and stay tuned on our newsletter and social networks.

How can I get SOR tokens ?

You can purchase SOR tokens on the SOR Network platform, on exchanges, or during events like ICOs.

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